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  If I were to mention the year 1690, and the name Daniel Axtell, would you know who I am talking about?  You would probably say yes.  Daniel Axtell owned Newington Plantation here in Summerville.  But that's not the right answer.  You see Daniel Axtell came from England in 1680, and died here about 1684.   His son, also named Daniel Axtell, was following his parents, coming from England to Carolina.  But in 1680 he died on the voyage and was buried at sea.  So, who was this Daniel Axtell?

   Daniel Axtell arrived here in 1690.  He came from Marlboro Massachusetts.  His parents were Henry and Hannah Axtell.  He was born on November 4, 1673.  When he came to Carolina, he became part owner of a saw mill here in the Summerville area.  They dammed the creek, to get enough water, to run the saw mill.  The dam went from where the Summerville Catholic School is, on Gahagan Road, across the expressway, to Gum Street.  They say the dam held back over 10 feet of water, enough water to power the saw mill

 Things went well for Daniel here in Carolina.  He met the daughter of William Pratt, whose name was Thankfu Pratt.  She was the one Daniel could see himself, spending the rest of his life with.  Daniel asked Thankful to marry him, and she said yes.  They were married on May 12, 1702.  Daniel and Thankful Axtell started their family within the next year. There first child  was a girl, Elizabeth.  She was born April 28, 1703.  Another child, a boy they named Daniel after his Dad, was born October 24, 1704.  In all, Daniel and Thankful Axtell had 10 children, five boys and five girls.  In 1707, Daniel and Thankful Axtell left Carolina and returned to Massachusetts.

   The big question was, did Daniel Axtell, part owner of the saw mill, know Daniel and Rebecca Axtell, of Newington Plantation?    The answer is yes.  Daniel never got to meet his uncle Daniel of Newington who had died in 1684.  Lady Rebecca Axtell in her will dated April 5, 1720, says” I give unto my kinsman Daniel Axtell of New England, Three Hundred (300) acres of land and to his son Daniel, Two Hundred (200) acres.”

  Daniel Axtell died in January, 1735.  He was 61 years old at his death in Massachusetts.  Thankful Pratt Axtell was two weeks short of being 66 when she died in New Jersey, on September 28, 1749. 

In life, Daniel and Thankful Axtell enjoyed each other, their children and their grandchildren






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