People In South Carolina History

Posted by Mark Woodard

People who make up South Carolina history each have a story to tell.  When you go through a grave yard in South Carolina and see their name, the date they were born and the date they died.  We want to find out about the unanswered questions like:  What about the time they lived?  What did they do?  What did that person grow up to be?  Who were their parents, sisters and brothers?  How did the person die?  Did they know this person or that person?  Who did they marry?  How many children did they have?  The questions go on and on. 

Unfortunately history has forgotten many great people and we are trying to uncover their incredible stories here at  These stories bring those people back to life in our minds.  Over the years there have been so many people and so many stories.  We've been able to discover only a few unique characters in SC History but are always looking for new lives to investigate from our past.  If you would like to contribute a story or add new information please contact us and use a subject line of "Information".