Places in South Carolina History

Posted by Mark Woodard

Depending upon where you are, in South Carolina, has a bearing on your history.  If you live in the coastal zone region, you would hear about pirates, shipping, and the ocean.  If you lived in the coastal plain region you would understand about swamps and oval depressions called bays.  The coastal plain region covers about 20,000 square miles going up to the sand hills.  The sand hills stretches across the state and is where the water fall line is.  Then we come to the piedmont region.  Piedmont means foothills of the mountains.  The piedmont region covers about one third of the state and is great for growing crops.  Then we come to the smallest region in our state, the Blue Ridge region.  This area covers about six hundred square miles.  Depending upon the area would make up your history was.  Some history covers the entire state or different regions.  It's what makes our history varied and exciting.